The Golf Club Patch Fixes Crippling Skipping Issue on PlayStation 4

Posted August 28th, 2014 at 10:15 am


Having spent $35 on The Golf Club, a fairly heavy price for an unlicensed digital download title, some consumers on the PS4 were met by a game that was virtually unplayable. As mentioned in the article about The Golf Club going out on PS4 a problem had been occurring for anyone with a fairly large friends list on PSN that caused the game to skip severely. Dodd Scientifics was the first to note the serious issue.

On Twitter the official account for The Golf Club responded by saying a patch was ready for release but they didn’t have control over when Sony would push it live. While it was first stated the problem affected those with 150+ friends on PSN there were reports from users with fewer than that experiencing it as well.

That patch has now gone out for The Golf Club on PlayStation 4 to addresses the problem. Having experienced it myself first hand last night when I first attempted to play it, I can confirm the skipping is gone and now the game is in a playable state.