NFL Showdown From Zynga Available Now on iOS and Android

Posted September 4th, 2014 at 7:00 am


NFL Showdown is out now for iOS and Android devices. The free-to-play fully licensed game, developed by the new Zynga Sports 365 studio, features some EA Sports veterans behind it including former NCAA Football creative director Jeff Luhr and Madden creative director Ian Cummings. It can be downloaded for iOS through iTunes and Android through Google Play.

Create your very own NFL football dream team and compete in daily showdowns! Manage your favorite NFL franchise, win the Super Bowl and build the ultimate dynasty. Compete in head-to-head matchups with your friends as well as other NFL fans all week long. Choose from real NFL players and even receive real-time stat boosts based on Fantasy Football player performance. You get to develop the winning strategy: update rosters, choose a starting lineup, sign free agents, train players and build gameday tactics. Instantly pick up and play with no long-term league commitments. It’s authentic NFL fun 365 days a year, even in the off-season. Join a short season to start winning trophies and prizes today. Every day is Gameday with NFL Showdown!

•Authentic NFL League Structure – Manage Real Teams and Real Players
•More than Multiplayer – Compete in Daily Head-2-Head Matches
•Connect with Friends and Meet New NFL Fans Each Season
•Live Out the Highs and Lows of Real-Time NFL Drama
•Build and Upgrade Your Dream Team with Auctions and Trading
•Train and Strategize to Gain a Competitive Advantage
•Collect Trophies and Earn New Rewards as You Progress
•Watch the Field and Stadium Simulated Experience Streaming Live in Real-Time
•Be a Manager Not Just a Quarterback or Running Back
•Passing, Tackling, Touchdowns and Field Goals are Just the Beginning
•Don’t Play in Solo Mode or Flick – Champions Win Online with Skill!
•More Community, Challenge and Excitement than Fantasy Football
•Features Virtual League Updates, Live Scores and Schedules