Everything Now Known That Is Missing From NHL 15 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Posted September 5th, 2014 at 8:00 am


By now everyone most are hopefully aware that EA Sports Hockey League and GM Connected won’t be in the Xbox One and PS4 versions of NHL 15. There’s many more features however that past NHL buyers may be surprised to learn won’t be present in the new game. 

A member of the official EA forum “Edgrrr” has attempted to document everything that failed to make it over from NHL 14 – most of which remain in the 360/PS3 product this year. Unfortunately the game for those older systems looks to be the dreaded “roster update” while the XB1/PS4 will go without a ton of modes and features.

The list is undeniably staggering and there may be more that will be added as the game is dug into further. It’s absolutely fair for many to express the disappointment that an anticipated product doesn’t appear to offer $60 value they had become accustomed to. Of course that is a determination for each individual to make regarding any game they might be interested in. In this case though the lack of provided content is so extraordinary that it’s important to make sure everyone is informed of what is and is not included. So much for all the extra development time EA claimed was allowing them to “spend more time focusing on the features”.


Multiple polls have indicated 35-40% of interested consumers may be abandoning plans to purchase NHL 15 based on the knowledge that it won’t include EA Sports Hockey League or GM Connected mode. Having all the other omissions laid out in this manner can only further damage sales potential with long-term ramifications that could even start to threaten the future of a series that isn’t a huge seller. Sadly the games EA recently built solely for the new systems (NBA Live, UFC) or had the benefit of extra development time (NHL) have been massive disappointments despite the company touting the advantages beforehand of each situation.