FIFA 15 Demo Generates Additional Enthusiasm Ahead of Release

Posted September 15th, 2014 at 12:15 pm


One might think a demo for a new FIFA release would hold little relevance. The series turns in the biggest selling game in the world every year now. However in the poll posted last week to gauge response to the FIFA 15 demo over 4K votes rolled in and the results paint a picture of a franchise that could grow even beyond the remarkable standing it already holds by appealing to potential new consumers while still holding strongly on to returning ones. EA is doing this by improving across the board and without alienating holdover fans in the process.

34% of respondents actually feel the demo has made them more likely to buy the game than they were before, while 28% still plan to get the game but don’t feel the demo had any impact on them. The former there is huge – especially in a time when companies are beginning to move away from demos because they feel they often hurt more than help sales. Only 3% said they’re less likely to buy the game now.

The bottom line is a demo for a good game can always help, and instead a demo that presents a portion of a poor or mediocre game is where the concern should lie. Companies may still consider that the risk isn’t worth the reward. With yearly sports games consumers tend to have a good idea of whether a particular title is going to be good or not based on response to the previous year’s edition. A demo could shake that confidence or reaffirm skepticism and lately these companies have trended towards sharing less information and media – whether that’s in an effort to disguise problems or simply ride on a wave of recent success.