FIFA 15 EA Access Day One Live Stream

Posted September 18th, 2014 at 11:45 am


Now that FIFA 15 is out through EA Access on Xbox One I’ll be running some live streams over the next few days. The six hour time limit will make it difficult to do anything of substance, and since I’m buying on PS4 it doesn’t make sense to┬áreally dig into any modes that I’d later have to restart, so most of the play-time will likely be Online Seasons games. Feel free to chat along during the streaming sessions! They’ll be archived to watch later for those who want to check them out but can’t make it when they are live.

[Update] Couldn’t play online because it couldn’t find opponents or said there was a NAT issue (there isn’t any such thing). So instead the first stream was just a couple matches vs CPU. Back for more tonight and tomorrow.

[Update #2] Three online season games (first disconnected but good match up till then).

Watch live video from Pastapadre on Twitch

Watch live video from Pastapadre on Twitch