MyPark Trailer for NBA 2K15

Posted October 1st, 2014 at 10:15 am


With under a week until release 2K Sports has finally introduced a look at improvements to The Park, the online mode introduced in Xbox One and PS4 2K14, now branded as MyPark in NBA 2K15. The trailer doesn’t go into great detail but does mention earning “Rep” and the ability to play with friends as “Squads”. There’s the “Jordan Rec Center” where games become 5v5 with four quarters and NBA rules – partially replicating the “Crew” mode so many desired. Also at the end is a tease of “The Stage” which will be exclusive to the PS4 for the first month before being opened on XB1 on 11/7 and looks as though you’ll be able to wager VC on games there.

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