Details on the Next Patch Coming Soon for EA Sports UFC

Posted October 2nd, 2014 at 11:30 am


A third patch for EA Sports UFC is due out soon and the company has released the details on the more major changes to expect with it. The two earlier patches, and it looks like this upcoming one, will have helped to dramatically alter the gameplay experience. At release EA UFC pleased just about no one and it showed in reviews and sales numbers. To their credit EA seems to have taken the feedback to heart and done a lot of good with the post-release support.

A video has accompanied the news highlighting the two new fighters that will also be added: Gunnar Nelson and Tim Kennedy. Anthony Johnson had been planned for this update but was removed after recent domestic violence allegations were followed by the UFC suspending him indefinitely. Continue on for the video and the patch details! 

Key Gameplay Updates
♦Finish the Fight 2.0: Finish off a rocked opponent, running them down across the Octagon with a flurry of punches once they’ve been wobbled.

♦Guillotine Takedown Reversals: Users can now attempt a Guillotine submission while being taken down. This move is only available to fighters who can perform a Guillotine choke from Full Guard. To initiate the submission, deny the takedown by pressing R1/RB and down on the Right Stick.

♦Takedown Variety: More variety added to takedowns based on denial and input times. Perfect takedowns will now end in Half Guard, while late denials or inputs will end in Full Guard.

♦Slips: Back slips will now hold longer to avoid strikes and side slips now have improved evasive properties.

♦Fatigued Kicks: New animations now added for fatigued kicks during health events or low stamina.

♦Nick Diaz in Middleweight Division: Silva vs. Diaz might still be four months off, but with Nick now available for play in the Middleweight division, you can start matching them up immediately. Manual Taunts have never been so useful.

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