Online Leagues in NBA 2K15 Still Lacking Some Critical Options

Posted October 6th, 2014 at 12:15 pm


2K Sports didn’t make much of a concerted effort to promote the Online Leagues in NBA 2K14 or now NBA 2K15. The reasoning was evident – the leagues didn’t, and still don’t apparently, meet the necessary requirements for running and sustaining a successful operation. Only a few tweets were sent out about 2K15’s leagues which did make them seem as though they would be a viable option this time. Unfortunately now as consumers begin to dig into the game it has come to light that some of the details provided were misleading or inaccurate, and others conveniently omitted. Those hoping for a suitable league experience will be left unsatisfied.

The post by a user on Operation Sports outlines all that is lacking. Despite multiple claims by 2K that teams could be CPU controlled that is not in fact true and only user-controlled teams are involved. In addition commissioners have no power over booting owners or blocking trades, there’s no ability to set rotations or adjust sliders or sign free agents, no practice mode, and there are currently issues with simulating game results.

2K Sports was the first to really offer revolutionary Online Leagues many years ago. After that they shifted focus elsewhere as EA Sports innovated with Online Franchise. 2K tried to follow but struggled to deliver a working Online Association mode in NBA 2K and now haven’t just reverted back to basic Leagues, but are offering something two years in a row that has less in the way of options than those possessed way back then. One might place the blame on the inability to monetize it but the company created a whole new offline mode this year despite that – so instead it’s clear that they just view leagues as the lowest of priorities.