Issues Having Large Impact on Experiences With NBA 2K15

Posted October 17th, 2014 at 10:00 am


Just how many people feel their enjoyment of NBA 2K15 has been damaged by issues primarily related to the servers? It turns out it’s a large amount based on the poll posted earlier this week which helped to quantify the distress being shown on social media and forums.

From over 5K respondents those describing their experience with NBA 2K15 as a negative one (30%) outnumbered those that feel it has been a positive one (27%). That’s a serious concern for 2K Sports coming off 2K14 which generated similar reaction. 

As a whole, if it worked properly, 2K15 would be an outstanding product and that’s why no one wants to abandon it. But eventually, usually after 2-3 years, sales will begin to reflect any consumer dissatisfaction. The remaining 43% identified themselves as “mixed” meaning they’ve been bothered by the problems but have still been able to appreciate the game.

A patch expected out sometime next week may help to alleviate some of the struggles – 2K’s history with patches makes it somewhat questionable to rely on for absolute fixes – however outside of addressing an issue where people are being booted from MyPark the company has refused to comment on what else to expect from it.

There are a wide variety of issues that have been cited in the comments and other places but the frustration centers mostly on the servers. Because NBA 2K15 and 2K14 before it were designed in large part to be “always-online” due to Virtual Currency when the servers have trouble it prevents even modes most would consider to be offline-based from being accessible. In addition the online modes like MyPark and MyTeam haven’t worked properly since release.