NBA Live 15 Day One EA Access Live Stream

Posted October 23rd, 2014 at 11:00 am


EA Sports has largely shielded consumers from NBA Live 15 and their motivations for doing so have been questioned. This is especially notable coming off four years of failure and promises to change that have been broken time and time again. When the company announced the EA Access subscription service back in July they backed themselves into a corner where they could no longer hide games they may not be all that confident in all the way through release. Now everyone who has an Xbox One and has interest in an upcoming game can pay for a subscription and stream away.

The game actually went out through EA Access late last night, about 13 hours earlier than others have gone live through the subscription service, so I held an impromptu live stream then which ran for almost two hours. You can check out the archive of that below along with the live player. I’ll be streaming the remainder of the six hours now with a podcast (Friday) and review (Saturday) to follow. Make sure to leave comments and/or questions in the chat!

[Update] The live stream is over but I’ll be adding the videos throughout the day.