Player Likeness Update Offered for Madden NFL 15; Currently Just Available on PS4

Posted November 5th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


Along with all the content added to the PlayStation Store yesterday was a “Player Likeness Update” for Madden NFL 15. The free download claims to offer improved faces due to head-scanning that was completed on “more than 150 players”. This is only available for the PlayStation 4 right now but will presumably make it to the Xbox One also in the near future. It comes in at a fairly significant 500MB.

To download the free likeness update either queue it up through the SEN website or navigate through the PS Store on your PS4. That can be done by searching Madden NFL 15 and selecting Add-Ons from its page or going to Games->Add-Ons->New Add-Ons.

EA had given no indication that they planned to update player faces and they’ve done absolutely zero to promote it even now that it’s out. Since it is being delivered as isolated free DLC rather than a patch most people won’t even realize it exists. Also not knowing what players supposedly received the upgrades makes it’s difficult to judge the level of improvement made – maybe all those details will come once it’s out for both systems. However it is free so it doesn’t hurt to download it and see if anything can be identified.

[Update] The content has now been pulled from the PS Store. No comment from either EA or Sony on what is going on.