“New Era” for NHL Series Being Teased

Posted November 13th, 2014 at 3:45 pm


A new addition to the NHL 15 website is pointing towards December 8th as a significant date for the series when a ‘new era’ will supposedly begin. Below the tagline is a mention to follow the NHL Twitter account for HUT news but that’s the extent of things. That could be a hint at the area of the game that will be affected but it’s hard to believe a “new era” would describe something related to a single mode. However this is EA and all they seem to care about now is Ultimate Team so it can’t be ruled out.

Of course any expectations should be tempered if not reduced to zero here. First it could end up being about an addition/change to Ultimate Team which would limit interest to the relative few who already own the game and the even fewer who play that mode. More importantly the company has lost their credibility in promotion of the series. The most recent embarrassment was hyping the release of a mediocre patch as “the greatest day in EA Sports NHL history”.

EA has not commented on further support for NHL 15 after fulfilling the first two promised patches which delivered a few features back to the game. Instead they’ve continued to push Ultimate Team including the recent addition of legends to the mode.