Another Way to Earn Bonus VC Added to NBA 2K15 Companion App

Posted November 17th, 2014 at 11:45 am


An update released on Saturday to the MyNBA2K15 mobile app introducing an additional method of earning VC that transfers over to NBA 2K15. You can now do a daily pick’em with the league’s slate of games each day. The reward is an unknown amount of VC for each correct selection because it hasn’t actually worked yet. Either users aren’t being rewarded for the wins or as is the case today the app fails to load the pages to see results or make the picks.

MyNBA2K15 went out alongside the release of the game in October and has offered the ability to get daily VC (anywhere from 300 to 3000), enter “Locker Codes”, view MyCareer and GM stats and attributes, and utilize chat functionality in MyPark. Another recent update brought in the ability to watch the 2KTV episodes.

[Update] Each correct selection is worth 50 VC.