Free Player Likeness Update for Madden NFL 15 Returns for Both PS4 and Xbox One

Posted November 25th, 2014 at 10:00 am


Three weeks ago free player likeness DLC for Madden NFL 15 was released prematurely on the PlayStation 4 and pulled soon after. EA Sports had not announced the update prior and didn’t comment on it then or since. However as noted yesterday with the release of a new patch it was quite possible that the delay in the DLC’s official release was due to a need for that to arrive first. Issues were discovered with the likeness update the first time most notably that the faces only showed up in Play Now games.

The free DLC is back today for the PS4 and available for the first time on Xbox One. It updates over 150 player faces – though the company has yet to detail who they are there will probably be some that are noticed immediately by those who play the game often. If you identify players with new faces be sure to drop a note in the comments! The changes should apply across the whole game now including Connected Franchise and Ultimate Team.

Grab the likeness DLC on PS4 by going to the PlayStation Store -> Search and select Madden 15 > Add-ons. On XB1 search Madden NFL 15 and its the second panel. You can also queue it up for download through the respective store websites. Here’s the DLC page for the PS4 and here for Xbox One.

[Update] Here’s the full list of players that have new faces in the game.