Three New Articles on Sporting News

Posted January 9th, 2015 at 4:00 pm


I’ll be contributing articles regularly going forward to Sporting News and the first three went up this week. The idea is to write there for a more general audience – many of the themes and practically all of the pertinent information having already being covered here but presented in a different manner – and tie it in more with relevancy in the sports world.

One article is on Super Mega Baseball which beat the odds not just in becoming a fantastic game but in even getting off the ground to begin with. The second is on the loss of the NCAA Football series and how the excitement surrounding the College Football Playoff is another sad reminder of that. Finally there is a write-up on a court ruling that allows a lawsuit from retired players over past unauthorized use of likenesses in Madden to go forward.

Late Season Call-Up Super Mega Baseball Beats the Odds
No Video Game in Place to Capitalize on the College Football Playoff
Lawsuit Over “Madden” from Retired Players Proceeds vs Electronic Arts