Fourth Patch Released for NHL 15

Posted January 20th, 2015 at 12:15 pm


Normally a fourth patch for a game would signify impressive post-release support. That hasn’t really been the case for NHL 15, as EA Sports has only done the bare minimum when considering the state they released the game in and the promises they made prior to then. It could be argued though they haven’t even done that much given how poor and infrequent the roster updates have been.

Features that have been added in post-release updates include Playoff Mode, Be a Pro Coach Feedback, Three Stars, very basic Online Team Play and a Draft for Be a GM. That seems like a lot but it only scratches the surface of what was missing to begin with. It’s worth noting that various other improvements have been made to the product through the patches as well that have affected gameplay, presentation, and Ultimate Team.

Today the aforementioned patch released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It includes a handful of fixes rather than improvements.

Hockey Ultimate Team and Playoff Mode: Fixed issue where the coin total displayed in the end of game HUT rewards screen is incorrect when it is Happy Hour.
Be a GM: Fixed issue where crash would occur after finishing a game, selecting rematch, then pausing and entering replay.
Online Team Play: Added positional filters to leaderboards.
NHL Moments Live: Fixed issue where some moments weren’t displayed or downloadable.
Presentation: Fixed upside down texture CCM Extreme Flex 2 Blocker.
Misc: Fixed issue with users not rewarded for watching ad videos, and misc. crashes.