The Golf Club Patch Out Now on PS4 and XB1

Posted January 21st, 2015 at 5:15 pm


The patch mentioned last week for The Golf Club, which was already out on PC, has now gone live on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Unlike a few previous updates to the game this one is more about making tweaks and bug fixes than adding new features. The next major update is expected this spring and will include a Career mode.

Though listed as “minor putting adjustments” the changes to that area of the game seem to be the most notable with some players really appreciating the changes and others expressing disappointment in them. Here’s the full list:

♦Maximum course size indicator in the Greg Norman Course Designer.
♦Minor putting adjustments.
♦Various handicap interface fixes and adjustments (including ability to turn off handicap score on main screen).
♦Various Tournament interface fixes and adjustments.
♦Stability improvements (primarily console).
♦Increased max Tour duration to 180 days.
♦Updated the offline course list.
♦Fixed UFO shadow.
♦Tweaked the wood texture on selected Greg Norman Course Designer assets.
♦Fixed GNCD course testing crash when ball holed out.
♦Fixed local Match Play bug where match ended early.
♦Commentary tweaks and fixes in Tournaments.
♦Fixed removing Tee Furniture console bug which left the bag behind.
♦Various other small bug fixes and general tweaks.