Retail Release for The Golf Club May Be Coming in Late April

Posted January 26th, 2015 at 11:15 am


It appears that GameFly may have leaked the planned upcoming retail release for The Golf Club on Xbox One and PS4. The website has “Golf Club Gold” listed for release on Tuesday, April 28. Maximum Family Games is cited as the publisher. Until now HB Studios has only floated the idea that they could take the game to retail without confirming it as a certainty.

A retail release would represent a significant move in attempting to reach a wider consumer base. The Golf Club went through a holiday period where it couldn’t be given directly as a gift and that hurt its potential. Retail availability can also act as a “second launch” and bring additional exposure to the game. The release could also be targeted to coincide with or follow shortly after the next major feature update which will include a Career mode.

The Golf Club came out last August to mostly positive reviews. Strong post-release support, in not just fixing issues but adding new features, has helped legitimize it further as the price tag for a digital-only game was perceived as too hefty by some. The value has certainly been there however for those that took the plunge in hopes of getting a very sim-minded golf game.