Pre-Order Bonuses for MLB 15: The Show

Posted February 3rd, 2015 at 1:15 pm


Both Amazon and Gamestop have added pre-order incentives to their listings of MLB 15: The Show. The two retailers are offering a free DualShock 4 MLB controller skin. The code will be provided with the game and then entered through the SkinIt website. All the designs (and there are a lot) can be checked out in advance here. It’s a quality product and $15 value.

Bonuses in recent years for The Show have depended on retailer and included “Universal in-game currency” or DualShock controller MLB skin (MLB 14), Road to the Show “points” or Diamond Dynasty budget increase (MLB 13), while nothing extra was provided with MLB 12. So this would be the second year in a row with an opportunity to get a controller skin and there’s still the possibility retailers will end up with something else unique to offer.

Gamestop, exclusively at least for now, will also include “6 Bonus Item Packs”. It’s unclear what those will feature or how exactly they’ll apply within MLB 15. The team-building, card-collecting mode Diamond Dynasty is the best bet.

The incentives are only available with the PS4 version of the game. There are no bonuses listed currently for the PS3 and Vita versions. It would seem unlikely they’ll have one given that they’re already going out at discounted prices. The PS3 version is $40 and Vita $20.