MLB 15: The Show Feature Interest Levels Haven’t Really Changed Since December

Posted February 10th, 2015 at 11:15 am


With SCEA having expanded upon the announced features for MLB 15: The Show with a complete list, and having hosted the first live stream for the game, a poll was posted last week to gauge levels of interest in the improvements and additions that have been detailed to date. It turns out very little has changed since mid-December when the first poll was posted. Voters were able to select up to three options to get a better picture of how the features are being received in relation to each other. 

Leading the way once again are the improvements that have been made to graphics with 19%. In second place it’s the improved loading times at 17%. Both of those are just 1% off from where they finished two months ago in the polling.

Player personality and emotion finished with 16%, the exact same as in December. The radio show went up 1% to 13% while licensed equipment and year-to-year save transfers each dropped 4% from where they were earlier.

The one main change between the two polls was the addition of “gameplay specific improvements” of which there had not been any outlined until recently. That was able to collect 14% of the vote, with both revamped Diamond Dynasty (5%) and addition of legends (2%) being dropped out of the polling due to lack of support in their first go-round. Licensed equipment and save migration may earlier have¬†been the “third choice” among some voters with those moving their votes to gameplay now.

Given sample sizes in the polls, both consisting of over 3K unique voters, it’s pretty remarkable how close the results were between the two. It goes once again to the consistency of the MLB: The Show series. Fans have a good idea of what to expect and the game tends to deliver on that without many surprises whether they be good or bad. So it’s easier for individuals to look ahead and recognize what will be of the most value to them.