Features for MLB 15: The Show Not Having Much Influence on Purchase Decisions

Posted March 2nd, 2015 at 11:30 am


The poll posted last week to gauge interest in the announced features for MLB 15: The Show has demonstrated a lack of significant movement from consumers in how they perceive the upcoming title. With over 3800 voters participating most are set in their plans and were from the start with very few left wavering. 

There were a variety of choices for respondents to select in order to represent the various stages of consideration consumers would be in a month out from release. Of those 45% expressed that they had planned to buy the game all along regardless of any features or improvements, while 21% were going to pass no matter what.

Out of those remaining 8% decided to buy because of the information and media delivered on the game while 10% decided they won’t be buying for the same reason. 3% were swayed positively and 3% negatively but haven’t come to a conclusion just yet. The final 10% haven’t been moved by any of it.

The results really aren’t surprising at all. As mentioned in previous write-ups The Show is as consistent a franchise in sports gaming as any. Interested consumers know what to expect out of it and accept it while others can feel content in staying away. There tend to be no surprises, good or bad, and SCEA doesn’t make much of an effort to reach a new crowd. Instead they focus on who they have and it’s proven successful in recent years despite being unable to really grow sales numbers in the process.