Press Row Hangout Season Opener Clips: FUT Changes, Joe Montana Football, NBA 2K14 Server Shutdown

Posted March 16th, 2015 at 3:45 pm


The “season premiere” of the Press Row Hangout was held live late last night. The episode was intended to clear the deck for the upcoming release of MLB 15: The Show, Out of the Park Baseball 16, and other news to come as the crop of yearly sports games near their respective promotion schedules.

Topics include the significant changes to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode, EA Sports teasing the start of promotion for PGA Tour, the upcoming Forza Furious 7, rumors regarding Joe Montana Football 16, thoughts on The Show with just two weeks until release, NBA 2K14 servers being shut down at the end of the month, and what teams have benefited or been hurt the most for Madden NFL 16 by the moves made in the offseason so far.

Watch the show in its entirety here or in the clips broken out by segment. Three are posted here today and some others will go up later in the week. The broadcast, along with more new material, will be presented as the Press Row Podcast on Friday as well.