Online Servers for MLB 14: The Show Being Shut Down in June

Posted March 21st, 2015 at 9:00 am


SCEA has announced that online functionality for MLB 14: The Show will cease on June 18 for all systems. The server shutdown will occur with only 13 months having passed since its release on PlayStation 4 last May. It also means MLB 15 will be on the market for only 10 weeks by the time MLB 14’s online is closed.

Recently 2K Sports announced that NBA 2K14 would have online servers shut down after just 16 months had passed since releasing on the new systems. That one had the potential to be more impactful given it was built essentially as an “always-online” game. With NBA 2K11 the company announced its servers would be pulled after 13 months. They relented after heavy backlash (2K12’s online was worse than 2K11’s) and left them up for five additional months. Then the next year they took the servers for 2K12 down without advance notice after just 13 months. EA Sports generally leaves servers up for at the very least two years.

With MLB 13 the servers remained active for 20 months so this is a significant departure from that. Once it takes place users with MLB 14 will no longer be able to compete in online games, Online Franchise and Diamond Dynasty, or use features like Roster Share.

Yes, it could be argued that no one will really care about MLB 14’s servers being taken down. That there won’t be much backlash even with it pulled so soon. The online for the game was awful, and because of that very few would have invested time in attempting to play online, and even fewer still be doing so over a year later. Regardless it’s unfortunate that the game won’t be supported for the standard length of time that consumers expect out of these products.