Overdog Matchmaking Launched on Xbox One

Posted March 24th, 2015 at 12:00 pm


Some of you may remember coverage on a startup called Overdog in 2013. The service was originally envisioned as a way to play online games against professional athletes with a community to be built around that interest.

Since then Overdog has evolved more towards the latter part of that mission though there is still an element of having an opportunity to play online with “influencers”. Primarily it has become a general matchmaking service which brings together gamers with similar interests to play online, rather than the traditional way of getting stuck with people at random. Think of it almost as creating a dating profile but here it’s for finding suitable, and theoretically more compatible, online opponents or teammates.

Each user chooses from interests related to gaming, movies, television, music, sports, and more. The service will then attempt to match people up with others who share similar interests. This of course could be a big deal for sports games where the preference may be to play with or against fans of specific teams. The Overdog app launched on Xbox One earlier this month and is expected to expand to other platforms in the near future.