Soundtrack for MLB 15: The Show

Posted March 24th, 2015 at 12:45 pm


While MLB: The Show is known for many positive things the soundtracks each edition has offered have never been among them. Not only have the song choices been questionable but the number of them were limited to sometimes as few as 10.

Last generation on PS3 that could be worked around because of the ability to add custom music. It’s not a possibility on PS4 however so users are stuck with whatever is built into the game. Here are 10 tracks (there were 13 last year) that are found in MLB 15: The Show:

A Taste of Silver – Until the Ribbon Breaks
Attack – Conway
Everything is Wrong – Interpol
Freedom – Lack of Afro (feat. Jack Tyson-Charles)
Fresh Static Snow – Porter Robinson
Ingredients – Still Water Giants
Love the Lie – Zodiac Death Valley
Nothin Left – Death from Above 1979
Rent I Pay – Spoon
Skye Right – Harry Fraud (feat. Sharks)