NBA 2K15 Available Today for $11 (Now Dead)

Posted March 30th, 2015 at 12:00 pm


Over the last few weeks 2K Sports has been attempting to run a promotion where particular players would have their number of points scored taken off the price of NBA 2K15 the following day. It had been spectacular failure with not a single deal coming out of the promotion.

Finally yesterday the results paid off, by combining points scored by James Harden and John Wall, and NBA 2K15 is available now on Amazon for $11. The deal will be available for up to 12 hours, though it has been noted that it’s only “while supplies last” which could bring it to an end much sooner, so those interested should take advantage ASAP.

It makes some sense to practically give the game away at this point. NBA Live 15 is free on Xbox One for those with an EA Access subscription. The far bigger consideration though comes with drawing in additional consumers who will spend money within the game. The farther from release the game goes, the more of a focus 2K has put on generating digital revenue from MyTeam mode and the sale of Virtual Currency, and that makes sense as potential profits from digital will now outweigh those from the sale of the game.

[Update] After about 20 minutes PS4 went out of stock, 10 minutes later XB1 followed.