NBA 2K14 Servers Turned Back On; 2K Promises Longer Server Lifespans

Posted April 7th, 2015 at 6:15 pm


2K Sports today reactivated the servers for NBA 2K14 following light being shone on the problems created in their absence. Those who had MyCareer and MyGM saves will now be able to resume playing them.

The company also declared that from now on servers will remain up for 18-27 months. That will bring them more in line with EA Sports who leaves servers up for at least two years. SCEA becomes is the outlier, with plans to shut down MLB 14 servers in June – just 13 months after release of the game. In that case though the loss of the servers will not disrupt any modes that aren’t specifically geared towards online play.

The situation with NBA 2K14 was costing the company more in terms of bad PR than money saved by retiring the servers. Many consumers had begun to reconsider their approach to purchasing future 2K products, and spending cash within them, given that they would have essentially had expiration dates attached to them.