Reaction Towards MLB 15: The Show Mixed After a Few Weeks of Release

Posted April 22nd, 2015 at 12:30 pm


The MLB: The Show series is widely recognized for all it does well but its faults or lack of advancement in certain areas seem to be wearing on many people. That has definitely been seen in the Metacritic scores this year but the sentiment isn’t isolated to just reviewers.

A poll was posted last week to gauge the temperature surrounding MLB 15: The Show after having been out for two weeks and the results, which came from over 4,200 respondents, are somewhat surprising. 

Leading the way was the most negative potential option. 28% feel the game has fallen short of their expectations. That should raise some eyebrows at SCEA. Though many are content with the franchise, and its sales have been reliable or stagnant depending on how one chooses to frame it, the company can’t afford to lose the people who currently buy every year.

The runner-up in the poll was that the game had met expectations and was delivering everything hoped for out of the product. 25% chose that response and it’s what one would have anticipated as the favorite to come out on top in this poll.

The final big segment of voters (18%) felt the game was meeting expectations but they had hoped for more out of it. Combining that with the first group of 28% that means 46% have some level of discontent or disappointment with the game that needs to be examined and addressed.

Rounding things out are 11% who believe the game simply had met their expectations and 8% who say it has exceeded their expectations.

A buggier than normal release, that didn’t improve areas that had been called upon for it for years, has made it fairly easy to criticize MLB 15 despite everything else it does excellently. The Show is not going to fall off a cliff, in terms of fan support or sales, but it would be foolish to ignore the calls from reviewers and consumers to do more with the series in the future.