MLB 15: The Show Week Four Roster Update

Posted May 4th, 2015 at 2:15 pm


The fourth in-season roster update for MLB 15: The Show went out today. It includes seven rookies who made their first appearance in the majors over the last week – though none are quite as heralded as those added in the previous updates. Some ratings changes have also been made with Hanley Ramirez benefiting the most rising 6 points to 91 Overall. 

New Rookies
Enrique Burgos, SP, Diamondbacks (69 Overall, B Potential)
Dalier Hinojosa, RP, Red Sox (61 Overall, D Potential)
Michael Lorenzen, SP, Reds (69 Overall, A Potential)
Max Muncy, 1B, Athletics (61 Overall, B Potential)
Cory Mazzoni, RP, Padres (62 Overall, B Potential)
Tim Cooney, SP, Cardinals (67 Overall, B Potential)
Sammy Solis, RP, Nationals (64 Overall, B Potential)