Details on the Second Patch for MLB 15: The Show Which Went Out Today

Posted May 13th, 2015 at 10:00 am


Three weeks ago the first post-release patch for MLB 15: The Show went out and that one focused primarily on fixing bugs and exploits. The latest patch available for PS4 and PS3 appears to be somewhat of an extension on that one rather than a more comprehensive patch that incorporates consumer feedback in executing adjustments and improvements.

This update includes more being done to reduce the effectiveness of bunting, the elimination of another exploit that had been harming the online experience, the online pause timer being increased by a minute, and fixes instituted to reduce the number of crashes. 

♦Reduce the success rate of bunts
♦Fixed the issue causing runners to be left on base after a home run. This would happen any time a user runner went half way and was stopped when the ball went over the fence and was a called a HR
♦CPU or User would attempt to advance after a high infield fly ball was caught. Defender would use a casual throw to the next base, but it would be too slow and the runner would often be safe
♦Intentional walk exploit fixed – Calling for an intentional walk after the baserunner leads off causes the baserunner to take additional steps and getting thrown out easily.
♦Foul/Fair ball detection in CHI White Sox – 3rd base line
♦AI check that was not allowing for early moving catches

Online Specific
♦New Action shots for 50 players, to be seen on Player cards in Collections and Diamond Dynasty mode.
♦Collections screen now save and load the last page you were on, making buying and selling cards more streamlined.
♦Tuning to Online Gameplay – These fixes are all intended to stabilize online gameplay and eliminate consumer reported blue screen crashes and hangs that lead to standoffs.
♦HBP/avoid and pitcher ejection issue – One user would get a HBP reaction and ejected, the other user would not resulting in a freeze.
♦When defensive shifts would occur in an online game, the OSD’s were inaccurate. Fix for Defensive Positioning drop down to reflect the current defense.
♦Restricting batting views for online games per Design – if user has batting view that is restricted, force batting view to catcher – don’t give user restricted views for batting view
♦Issues with take it yourself plays at first base online have been resolved.
♦Numerous online gameplay stability checks to eliminate reported blue screen crashes.
♦Resolving guess pitch on defensive machine and forcing offense machine to use data from defense machine
♦Adding additional entitlements to the show shop, to allow for future promotional packs
♦PBP audio code modified to exclude filling in career stats for Arena (DD) and League Modes. They get filled in for MLB season mode only. Online modes career data was incorrect.
♦Adding one more minute to the online Pause menu countdown

Offline Specific
♦Fixed retail crash while simulating through Franchise mode. Occurrences described below:
—–Crashes when simulation far in the future
—–Crash when autosaving following very specific injury sequences
—–Crash when simming through certain pinch hit appearances
—–Crash when entering the amateur draft
♦Fixed a low frequency retail crash in RTTS player editor.
♦Fenway red seat added in the right field bleachers.
♦Changed the art of the Injured icon (Franchise/Season)
♦Fix for crowd catching flyball vs. fielder catching robbable balls – don’t allow ball to attach to crowd if already attached to a player