Your Thoughts on the First Madden NFL 16 Feature News

Posted May 18th, 2015 at 5:15 pm


Last week EA Sports rolled out the first information related to Madden NFL 16. For the most part it was underwhelming and nondescript. The exception related to receiver-defender interactions including new controls for each side and more situations that will draw penalties.

That will be the focus of the two polls today. The first asks how much does the news on receiver-defender interactions matter. Is this a big deal that has increased anticipation towards Madden 16? Or is it not enough considering deficiencies in other areas of the game?

The second poll covers the brief debate had on the latest Press Row Hangout: should penalties be present in Madden? Many have lamented the lack of them in the series – representative of the lack of realism and authenticity – while others feel that not only would they not enhance the experience but they’ll detract from the fun factor. Vote in the polls below and leave any thoughts in the comments! Results will be examined late in the week.