New Expensive Packs Added to MLB 15: The Show For Limited Time

Posted May 22nd, 2015 at 11:00 am


This morning Sony San Diego dropped two new packs into the MLB 15: The Show Diamond Dynasty Store and they are causing quite a ruckus on social media given how they’ve altered the in-game market. Those playing Diamond Dynasty know packs in general have been a very poor investment but the two new ones look to change that. They are the ‘Prime Time Pack’ and the ‘Ballers Pack’ – both available only for a limited time. 

Prime Time Players (15,000 Stubs) – 3 Players and 1 Equipment item. 1 Guaranteed Gold Players. 1 Guaranteed Gold or Higher Equipment item. Over 25x higher chance for Diamond players!

Ballers Pack (35,000 Stubs) – 3 Players and 1 Equipment item. 2 Guaranteed Gold or Higher Players. 1 Guaranteed Gold or Higher Equipment item. Over 100x higher chance for Diamond players!

The social media uproar is primarily due to of the price of the Ballers Pack. 35,000 Stubs is roughly the equivalent of $30 (depending on how Stubs are purchased from the store). This has led many to draw comparisons to the EA Sports’ Madden Ultimate Team, where high priced packs have become the norm.

The bigger impact of these packs is how the guaranteed ‘Gold’ cards within them have driven down the market. Earlier this morning Bryce Harper was selling for nearly 20,000 Stubs, and (as of this writing) he’s down to nearly half that. Spending 35,000 Stubs on pack with three players would appear to be a poor decision as opposed to spending the 35,000 Stubs on specific ones.

Some player grouping you could get for 35,000 Stubs:

♦SEA SP Felix Hernandez (23,000) and CWS SP Chris Sale (12,000)
♦SFG C Buster Posey (20,000), WSN LF Bryce Harper (12,000), CWC 1B Anthony Rizzo (3,500)

If you put in some work on the Market, you could even complete multiple team’s Collections to and get their respective Legends.

♦Arizona Diamondbacks (3,500) – Steve Finley
♦Chicago White Sox (9,000) – Jack McDowell
♦Toronto Blue Jays (5,000) – Joe Carter
♦Colorado Rockies (2,500) – Dante Bichette
♦Tampa Bay Rays (9,500) – Cliff Floyd

A big risk is being taken in buying these 35,000 Stub packs. It’s possible to hit the jackpot but the 35,000 Stubs could be considerably better spent in the Market where desired players could be acquired without having to take that risk.