Patch Available Now for Super Mega Baseball

Posted June 8th, 2015 at 1:30 pm


One of the best sports games from last year just got better thanks to a patch that went out today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. A ton of improvements and fixes are accompanied by some new features which primarily center on customization.

Metalhead Software recently announced Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings which is headed to Xbox One and PC this summer. The additional content found in that is expected to make it to PS4/PS3 versions as downloadable content.

New Features
League-wide customization: Customized player appearances and names can now be used for all AI-controlled teams
Ego customization: Ego can now be set independently for each of batting, pitching, fielding and baserunning
Batter step out: Batters may now step out of the box before a pitch, to afford more time for strategic decisions

♦Better AI bullpen management and pitching strategy to alleviate excessive meltdowns/walks
♦AI baserunners more properly “run on contact” with 2 outs
♦AI defense becomes more effective in rundown situations as baserunning Ego increases
♦Duration of the infield slow-motion assist reduces as fielding Ego increases
♦The fair ball “banner” is no longer displayed on obvious fair balls
♦Improved automatic fielder selection in various situations
♦Outfielders now get a good initial ‘jump’ on batted balls, irrespective of fielding Ego
♦Defensive errors slightly more likely to occur on both routine fly balls and sharply hit balls
♦Pitchers’ cumulative wins/losses/saves are shown in the post-game pitching boxscore in Season mode
♦Post-game pitching stats are sorted by order of appearance
♦Improved menu loading times
♦AI infielders will no longer oddly throw the ball “around the horn” after a runner scores
♦Added sound effect when selecting a different playoff bracket
♦Darkened Colonial Plaza field slightly to make it easier to see the ball
♦Improved crowd rendering performance

Bugs Addressed
♦[PS4] Controller association issue when restarting SharePlay sessions
♦Playoff games always scheduled at Apple Bowl
♦Stolen bases showing up as “hit by pitch” in the new-batter cinematic
♦Flash Evans has duplicate primary/secondary position
♦Front-end music starts when exiting Credits screen mid-game
♦Visual artifacts in certain team logos
♦Exploit in the Staff system
♦Baserunner automatically retreats when getting close to a lead runner that is about to score
♦Fielder appears to immediately catch his/her own throw in rare circumstances
♦Jump/dive attempt with infielder can frustratingly cause outfielder to jump/dive
♦AI fielders dive frivolously for hits well over their heads
♦AI baserunners make poor decision to advance during throws to the base they’re near
♦Homeruns not properly counted as hits on the leaderboards
♦In-the-park homeruns not counted as homeruns on the leaderboards
♦Occasional duplicate and/or missing leaderboard scores
♦Spelling/grammar issues in some screens
♦Edge-of-screen artifacts in certain front-end screens
♦[PS3] Performance drop when jumbotron turns on after period of inactivity
♦Grid selection issue in My Staff comparison view