New Info on Goalies for NHL 16

Posted June 11th, 2015 at 10:15 am


EA Sports unveiled the “complete” list of features for NHL 16 last month. One of the biggest complaints gameplay wise with the series has related to the goalies and they weren’t touched on at all in that list. The latest information about the game, added to the previously detailed features, is goalie-related.

Control the Crease
The fate of your team is at your fingertips with all-new enhanced goalie controls. Precision Skating captures the authentic look and feel of a goaltender’s momentum and precise movement as you control them in the crease. When the shots start flying, decide whether to make controlled positional saves or commit to high risk athletic saves that may leave you vulnerable to secondary chances.

This has to do with manually controlling the goalies, rather than their AI when computer-controlled, so this might not matter much to those who are looking for improvements to the latter. Goalies can be chosen in Online Team Play and EASHL.