Rocket League is the rare sports game proving fun for everyone

Posted July 29th, 2015 at 11:15 am

Rocket League

Since releasing three weeks ago Rocket League has become a huge gaming sensation. Not the typical sports game, despite borrowing its its primary structure from soccer, Rocket League has caught on with not just sports gaming fans but also those outside the genre, as amazing word of mouth has helped in reaching gamers who may not have considered it otherwise.

It has a bright future ahead of it too, with patches and downloadable content arriving in the immediate future and support expected to extend for years to come. It’s one of the rare games where consumers actually desire the opportunity to pay for DLC to support the developers and show their appreciation. Expect it become big in eSports as well, with the likes of EA Sports and 2K Sports ultimately regretting the decision to abandon development of smaller, innovative games. Maybe the success of Rocket League will lead to them and others reevaluating their potential, which could end up being great news.

Rocket League may end the year as not just one of the best sports games, but also in the conversation of best games overall. Check out my full review of Rocket League that was written for Sporting News, and for those on PS4 with PlayStation Plus make sure to grab it while it’s free until August 4!