EASHL beta extended through the weekend; new gameplay tuner already out

Posted August 7th, 2015 at 9:45 am


The EA Sports Hockey League beta for NHL 16 that had been scheduled to end has been extended until Monday morning. Feedback to the beta has already been applied in the form of a gameplay tuner, and the extra few days will allow for more evaluation of the mode in general but also the changes that have now been made.

Adjustments to gameplay include tweaking and balancing of the various player classes, faceoff success, goalie play, and much more.

Lowered AI faceoff attributes.
Added a fix to prevent faceoff spamming from working.
Lowered Power Forwards shot accuracy and chance to intercept the puck cleanly to make up for their strong puck control.
Lowered strength of protecting the puck. Players will still absorb hits in the right situations, but it will lower the threshold of the strength of the collision to cause the player to stumble.
Lowered balance on all classes slightly to go hand in hand with the lowering of puck control strength when protecting the puck.
Decreased friction on boards to help regular passes kick around easier.
Lowered success of the standup goalie to cover the top of the net when in the butterfly.
Lowered AI goalie speed moving across for passes.
Lowered goalie passing/shooting speed.
Less goalie error on slower pucks on net towards their 5-hole.
The goalie will favor the shooter more, taking away the short-side but will be more vulnerable to cross-ice passes as a result.
Lowered AI goalie aggression to come out and play the puck and chance of flipping the puck over the glass.
Decreased player controlled goalie speed in core movement (T-pushes and full butterfly pushes) to make them easier to control.
Lowered speed of goalie passing the puck out from their glove when they are covering the puck, and raised the ability for a near opponent to intercept it.
Increased player controlled goalies ability to make saves near their body when they are cutting off the angles, and decreased ability to make saves when they are back on the goal line and forced to reach out to the edges of the net.
Reduced wrap around success for shooters to be more in line with the player controlled goalies ability to get over.