Live Pro-Am announced for NBA Live 16; Part of mid-September demo

Posted August 13th, 2015 at 8:30 am


It may be coming one year too late to take full advantage of an opening presented by the competition, which will now be offering up a similar mode by the very same name late next month, but the announcement of Live Pro-Am for NBA Live 16 is a significant one. The Pro-Am encompasses two different modes: Live Run and Summer Circuit.

EA Sports had been hinting at Live Run making a comeback since June. It returns six years after it was a popular mode of play in NBA Live 10. Unlike adidas Live Run, which used pros, this new Live Run utilizes everyone’s created players. The Summer Circuit is an online co-op mode with up to five user-controlled players taking on the CPU.

The Live Pro-Am will be available to try out in a demo September 15. The demo will also include six teams for standard exhibition games (Warriors, Cavs, Thunder, Bulls, Rockets, Wizards) and tutorials. The EA Access trial period on Xbox One begins September 24. 

Live Run


Take your game online with LIVE Run – the most reliable and stable online basketball experience. This player vs. player mode allows you and up to nine of your friends to connect and compete on a number of authentic and classic courts such as Rucker Park, Venice Beach, Jordan Brand’s exclusive Terminal 23 and more.

Matchmaking is quick and easy, with games firing off as soon as at least four online players are ready. If other online players don’t join before the timer expires, CPU players will be added to fill out the roster. If you have a squad you want to run with, private lobbies are provided so you can hoop with it up with your buddies. You can form into teams and you can also open up a private lobby to the public and take on other LIVE players.

This is pickup basketball. Games are fast paced – first to 21 wins – with minimal rules, so don’t be afraid to go hard in the paint. Just remember, you’re going to be graded on how good of a teammate you are. Playing your position and sharing the rock is what matters most. Nobody likes a ball hog.

Just like everywhere else in NBA LIVE 16, playing LIVE Run games earns you Reward Points (RP) to buy gear for your swag collection and Skill Points (SP) to boost your player’s skills. At the end of every game, you’ll be rewarded for your performance on the court. Stats matter, but so does your Teammate Grade – which evaluates you on several criteria, from assists and shot contests, to pick and roll and give ‘n’ go’s.

Customize your player like never before. You can begin by scanning your face using the all new GameFaceHD. This feature can only be found in the NBA LIVE Companion app – available on iOS and Android devices. It features the same server-based tech the LIVE team uses to process scans of NBA players, so you’ll be able to create a player who looks just like you.

Complete your look with the swag you scored using Reward Points (RP) earned across every mode of play in NBA LIVE 16. Got a favorite pair of J’s? Well we scanned those too. The same scanning tech the team uses for NBA faces (and now your face) has been used to create super-detailed scans of kicks and other gear so you can come correct on the court.

Summer Circuit


Summer Circuit is a brand-new, unique online co-op mode. Put your squad together and travel across North America to take on some of the best players in each region. Pro Am keeps it real, where you’ll challenge both amateur ballers and NBA pros on authentic real-world indoor and outdoor courts.

In Summer Circuit, you’ll team up with up to four online players to take on teams of CPU-controlled opponents. Each team you face will feature a different style of play, unique to the location and roster, so strategy is key. Playing against smaller guards at Venice? Chances are you’ll need to guard the perimeter against a flurry of 3’s. While at Rucker, you might want to have a big man guarding the rim to protect against high flyers.

While Summer Circuit can be played solo, it’s highly recommended you find other LIVE players to team up with. You can quickly match up with other players looking to team up, or start a private lobby and squad up with your friends.

There are seven real-world locations: Hoop Dome, Seattle Pacific University, Brooklyn Park, Kezar Pavilion, Rucker Park, Venice Beach, and Jordan Brand’s own Terminal 23. At each venue, you’ll meet NBA superstars with ties to that location. At Rucker Park, you might run into players who’ve had legendary performances there. Terminal 23 features some of Jordan Brand’s most iconic players.

Each spot also has its own unique flavor and playstyle, including music that changes with the tempo of the game. On each court you’ll encounter teams who have a plan and work together – so it’s vital that you play as a unit – or real talk, you won’t make it far.

This is pick-up basketball. Games are fast-paced – first to 21 wins. In each city, you’ll compete in a five-game ladder against increasingly challenging opponents. To advance in the ladder, your team needs to win each game. You can start on any court, but some locations are tougher than others – so you’ll need to make sure your skills are in order. If you’re having a tough time beating better teams on the circuit, you may need to upgrade your player’s skills (or maybe find some new teammates).

It’s not always just about winning. Sometimes it’s about winning while looking your best on the court. So to help you look fly, Summer Circuit features unique swag that can only be unlocked by completing objectives in each game, at each court. So those retro Jordan 1’s you’ve been hawking can only be worn by the best of the best. You have to play your way, not pay your way – this swag is earned, not given.

At the heart of Summer Circuit is you. While winning across the continent, you want people to remember who you are. NBA LIVE 16 lets you customize your player like never before. You can begin with a scan of your face using the all new GameFaceHD. This feature can only be found in the NBA LIVE Companion app – available on iOS and Android devices.

Further customize your player from head to toe with the latest kicks and gear from leading apparel brands including Jordan, or get some exclusive ink from world-renowned tattoo artist Randy Harris.