New system for calculating player ratings implemented for NBA 2K16

Posted August 27th, 2015 at 7:15 am


2K Sports has slowly started to trickle out ratings for NBA 2K16, and while Kevin Durant is the only real noteworthy one at this point there is a considerable shift in how the ratings are being calculated this year to discuss in the meantime.

Essentially, rather than having 99 Ratings reflect the best in the league at the present time, a 99 now represents the best in the history of the league. 

Players are being rated against the greats at the top of the scale so in general they’re going to appear to be lower than in the past. Though their skills on the court shouldn’t be affected because of that, within the context of the league and its history, the hope is that they’ll fit in better and make the game play out more realistically.


This is an interesting move because the respective leagues have an interest in their players being represented as the larger than life, which is why you’d never see even bottom of the roster guys rated below the 50s. The presence of legends in the game can mitigate that concern.

Do you like the change to the ratings system, or would you have preferred it stay the way it was?