The NFL’s 28 clutch players according to Madden NFL 16

Posted August 28th, 2015 at 12:15 pm


There are some new “Traits” that have been added for Madden NFL 16. One of them affects the frequency penalties are called on each particular player, and the others relate to the new types of catches (aggressive, possession, run after catch) implemented in the game.

The concept of “Clutch” though remains one of the more hotly debated things in sports and Madden continues to offer up a trait related to that. Players designated clutch get a ratings boost in late-game high pressure situations. It’s an exclusive group in which players are rewarded for stepping up in big moments of games and in particular in the playoffs.

In the past there have generally been between 34-38 “Clutch” players in each Madden. This year the season opens with only 28 of them. Malcolm Butler is new to the group, and that’s consistent with players having been rewarded for memorable plays in the Super Bowl – Tracy Porter and David Tyree were once classified as clutch. All the guidelines for how “Clutch” has to be earned for Madden however were broken with Jameis Winston being given the trait.

Check out the full list of “Clutch” players in Madden NFL 16 along with further analysis in the article on Sporting News.