First patch has gone out for Madden NFL 16, addressing many of the reported bugs

Posted September 9th, 2015 at 7:30 am


The first patch for Madden NFL 16 is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The focus of the update is to fix the numerous bugs that have proved to be detrimental to enjoyment since the game’s release.

The turnaround time on the patch was excellent, considering it’s only been three weeks since the game went out through EA Access, and just over two weeks since it out wide to all. With representatives from EA going as far as to recommend people wait to start their Franchises and the encroachment bug affecting practically every game getting it out quickly was critical.

Issues addressed in the patch include the aforementioned encroachment bug, Franchise in-game ratings boosts, Franchise regression for offensive lineman, Franchise draft class QB Deep Accuracy ratings, and more! 


♦Addressed issue where AI defenders would get encroachment penalties after random huddle breaks and occasionally during the no-huddle offense
♦Addressed rare issue where receivers were called down by contact even when they weren’t being touched
♦Addressed quarterback locomotion warps on certain drop backs


Franchise does not need to be restarted for these fixes to be implemented.
♦Addressed issue where players could receive over 100 confidence resulting in extreme short-term attribute boosts during games
♦Tuned regression for offensive linemen
♦Tuned rookie deep accuracy rating
♦Tuned supersim stats where pocket quarterbacks were generating too many rushing attempts
♦Addressed issue where team could sign elite free agents for a low amount
♦Addressed issue where some free agents would disappear from the free agent pool


♦Addressed a rare issue where certain items would not have an image


♦Addressed issue where the commentary line and presentation would repeat for a quarterback who returned from injury
♦Addressed a crash that could occur when using multiple controllers
♦Addressed a crash that could occur when exiting a game and the background video would continue to loop
♦Addressed general bugs and stability issues