The 10 licensed universities in NBA 2K16

Posted September 22nd, 2015 at 2:45 pm


Back in July it was discovered that 2K Sports had obtained the license for at least 11 universities for use in an unknown capacity within NBA 2K16. It has now been confirmed that only 10 schools will appear in the game.

Arizona, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Texas, UCLA, UConn, Villanova, and Wisconsin will be be the options to choose from in 2K16’s MyCareer story mode.

There are playable elements to both the high school and college portion of the story. As expected the time spent in each are very limited, with there being three games in high school, and possibly (as of yet unconfirmed) only three in college as well. Unfortunately the run in college may not be in the form of a tournament which seemed to be maybe the most natural and engaging way to handle that stretch.

Arizona State and Davidson it would appear then were licensed only for the purposes of displaying their uniforms on the individual covers of the game featuring James Harden and Stephen Curry. It had been noted that 2K had the license for Arizona State from the CLC while Davidson handles their own deals. The other covers feature Anthony Davis and Michael Jordan where all signs of Kentucky and North Carolina were scrubbed from their images.