How can SCEA improve the postseason experience in MLB: The Show?

Posted October 23rd, 2015 at 1:45 pm


MLB 15: The Show does some great things for postseason games and exposes consumers to them more than probably any other sports series. The game offers up a standalone Postseason Mode and incorporates the presentation into The Show Live, rather than just being there only for those who reach the playoffs in Franchise Mode.

Despite that there there are many ways in which it could be improved. Watching the real postseason games this year have made that obvious. Based on community feedback there seem to be three central themes to what people are looking for more from:

♦Handling of pitching rotations and bullpens

Rich Grisham and I discussed the elements of the postseason that The Show represents well and those in which it could use improvement in our latest video, which is also available as a podcast on Hit The Pass Radio.