First roster update finally out for PES 2016

Posted October 29th, 2015 at 10:00 am


It took over six weeks but Konami has now released a full roster update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 that extends its reach to all modes in the game. While PES 2016 has been received near universal praise – it’s the highest rated sports game since 2013 – the need to wait so long for a simple roster update understandably led to some level of frustration from fans.

Unfortunately even now Konami has been forced to acknowledge that a number of transfers were not included – something they claim to be “looking into”.

The update does go beyond just the roster, delivering some other changes, but the company has been fairly vague about them. There are said to be “gameplay tweaks” based on community feedback but specifics haven’t been provided. There are also improved player likenesses, kits, shoes, billboards and stand decor.