First in-season roster update for NBA 2K16

Posted November 3rd, 2015 at 12:15 pm


2K Sports today released the first roster update for NBA 2K16 that takes into account performance from regular season games. The Warriors didn’t receive any upgrades despite a record-setting start, nor did the Rockets receive any downgrades after getting blown out in their first three games before bouncing┬áback last night. Considering the season is so young it’s not surprising that only a handful of players were moved up or down.

Kobe Bryant is the player with the highest profile to be affected, losing three points in the Standing Shot 3PT attribute after a 6-29 start from outside the arc. Yet James Harden, who is 7-44 on threes so far this season and shooting only 30% from the field, had no ratings altered.

Players up: Andre Drummond (+1 to 84), Bradley Beal (+2 to 82), George Hill (+1 to 79), Rajon Rondo (+1 to 78), Nikola Mirotic (+1 to 77), Marcus Morris (+2 to 75), Julius Randle (+1 to 75)

Players down: Kobe Bryant (-2 to 83), Derrick Rose (-1 to 83), Gordon Hayward (-1 to 82), Goran Dragic (-1 to 80), Monta Ellis (-2 to 79), D’Angelo Russell (-2 to 75)