Mutators have arrived in Rocket League

Posted November 9th, 2015 at 5:00 pm


The free content update for Rocket League adding in mutators went out today on PS4 and PC. The update also includes other new content, gameplay improvements, and bug fixes. A special playlist has been added that features the five new ways to experience the game.


Mutators have officially arrived; featuring a suite of alternative presets and settings that add depth, variety, and crazy rocket-powered fun to custom games. “Mutator Mashup” has been added to the Online playlist menu. This playlist allows users to face off in a 3v3 online playlist that cycles randomly through the following mutator presets:

Beach Ball – A huge, slow, lightweight ball with a lot of bounce
Cubic – Cube shaped ball and recharging boost
Moonball – Low gravity action with a whole lot of boost
Pinball – The ball is small, light, fast and bouncy… and a lot to handle
Time Warp – Slow down the action as you get close to the ball

Custom Options
♦Match Length – 5, 10, 20 Minutes, and Unlimited
♦Max Score – Unlimited, 1 Goal, 3 Goals, 5 Goals
♦Game Speed – Default, Slo-Mo, Time Warp
♦Ball Max Speed – Default, Slow, Fast, Super Fast
♦Ball Type – Default, Cube
♦Ball Weight – Default, Light, Heavy, Super Light
♦Ball Size- Default, Small, Large, Gigantic
♦Ball Bounciness- Default, Low, High, Super High
♦Boost Amount – Default, Unlimited, Recharge (Slow), Recharge (Fast), No Boost
♦Boost Strength – 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 10x
♦Gravity – Default, Low, High, Super High
♦Demolish – Default, Disabled, Friendly Fire, On Contact, On Contact (FF)
♦Respawn Time – 3 Seconds, 2 Seconds, 1 Second

Changes and Updates

The turn radius on Venom, Paladin, Merc, Scarab, and Backfire has been improved

“Mutator Mashup” now appears in the Unranked Playlists
“Mutator Settings” menu now appears in Exhibition and Private Match

User can now disable XP Titles or swap with Special Titles in the Garage menu
Users can now toggle Weather Effects on/off from “Video” tab in Options menu
Control menu now uses digits: 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of words: one, two, three, four for keybindings
Spectators must now select “Skip Replay” in private matches in order to skip replays
(PC) Users can now see other steam users they recently played with by selecting View -> Players in Steam

Bug Fixes

(PS4) Fixed a rare issue which would not allow users to unlock Sweet Tooth
Fixed an issue in which vehicle remnants would remain on the field after destructions
Fixed an issue with boost pads not always being collectible immediately after kickoff reset

Disable crossplay option will now function properly

Ranked match winners will correctly get full RP for wins even if an opponent leaves the game
Leaving 1v1 match will no longer apply max RP penalty, only the normal amount for a loss
Leaving 2v2 or 3v3 match will now only apply max RP penalty to the first player who quits

(PC) Improved controller detection when plugging in after boot
(PC) Improved Steam Avatar handling in game
Fixed issues with disappearing player nameplates