Taking a Look at the new XP Sliders in Madden NFL 16 Online Franchise

Posted November 18th, 2015 at 3:30 pm


Franchise mode in Madden NFL 16 suffers from some questionable design decisions that stretch beyond the awful Drive Goals implemented this year, with others related to Game Prep, Confidence, and the XP system. With the latest patch for Madden 16 new XP Sliders have been added that finally provide some flexibility to one of those aspects of the mode.

Only available in “online” franchises started after today, the new slider allows for the commissioner to increase or decrease the amount of XP earned position-by-position. It affects how much XP is distributed in all areas, whether that be earned through in-game performance, reaching yearly goals, or in Game Prep.

The slider moves on a scale of 0-300, with 100 being the default rate of XP, and 300 providing three times as much XP as the default.

This is an important option to have because at the default it wasn’t possible to progress any players in-season at a satisfying rate – certainly the potential to improve a player at the default XP setting isn’t anywhere equal to how fast real players tend to move up in Madden’s weekly roster updates. Any additional customization for Franchise is a step in the right direction.