Reacting to the first MLB The Show 16 news

Posted December 8th, 2015 at 9:00 am

MLB The Show 16 Josh Donaldson cover

It may be nearly four months out but some of the early details on MLB The Show 16 have already been provided. That’s not out of the norm for the series which tends to have first info on base-features and improvements out annually in early-mid December. In fact, there is far less substance this time around than in recent years of promotion.

Still there’s a lot to chew on, including one feature that is being met by a predictably mixed response, some good news on Road to the Show and a tease of two new modes to be announced at a later date, while the lack of any mention about a change to commentary has generated some consternation. I got together with Rich to discuss all the news – apologies for the audio quality as Google failed to process the Hangout and it was all that could be salvaged – and what it all means this far in advance of the game’s release.