End of Year Community Awards Voting: Best Franchise Mode of 2015

Posted December 26th, 2015 at 10:00 am


The voting for various categories in the Pastapadre Community Awards continues with Best Franchise Mode. This category has been one of the more interesting ones over the years, with Madden coming out on top from 2011-13 and NBA 2K snapping its streak in 2014.

Now Open for VotingBest GameplayBest PresentationBest Post-Release Support –Best Career ModeBest Team-Building ModeBest Online Play – Best Franchise Mode

NBA 2K16 once again offers up two complete Franchise mode experiences with MyGM and MyLeague. New features within them this year included “MyLeague Online” allowing for up to 30 team owners to be connected in a single franchise, team relocation/creation, Summer League, and updated NBA Draft presentation.

Madden lost last year, due in part to the detrimental additions of Confidence and Game Plan. Those stuck around and were joined by the awful Drive Goals which won’t help its cause this time around. Still the most enriching and consistent Online Franchise found in the genre, there were several positive additions like the ability for the commissioner to assign wins, open practice, and streamlined player scouting.

While The Show has not necessarily been known for having an outstanding Franchise mode, there were some big additions this year that pushed it towards the top. Save migration allowed for continuation from MLB 14, and new features included ownership expectations, performance based progression, and licensed equipment and sponsors. The biggest move though was with Online Franchise, which took a month before it worked, but has functioned properly ever since.