Much more on EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team

Posted January 27th, 2016 at 12:45 pm


Details and a new video released today have gone further into detail on how Ultimate Team will work in EA Sports UFC 2. The mode features “teams” of up to five fighters in different weight classes, coins to purchase packs containing special items boosting fighter performance, and customization to improve and alter moves and attributes. There are components of both online and offline for playing the mode.

Upgrade Items

These items permanently improve your fighter when either equipped or applied to your fighter.

Find items focused in specific disciplines that can increase or decrease your fighter’s base stats. For example, applying a Tae Kwon Do boost will increase your movement and kick speed but will decrease your ground and pound.

Equip new passive abilities such as Lightning Speed, Marathoner or Dirty Boxer to enhance your fighter

Equip new moves to your fighter such as Lead Overhand Hook or Superman Punch off the Cage.

Special Edition Items
High-level move items that are signature moves inspired by real world UFC fighters like Conor McGregor’s Spinning Back Kick.

Boost Items

These items give your fighter a temporary boost.

Training Items
Training boosts improve your fighter’s attributes for the next fight only.

Fitness Items
Recover your fighter’s fitness levels which affect stamina.

Item Levels

Every item has up to 5 Levels represented by stars on the top left side of each item. Items with a high-level rating are more valuable as they have a bigger impact on the created fighter when equipped, with 5 being the highest level and 1 being the lowest.

Universal Items
Apply these items to any of your created fighters regardless of what weight class they are in.

Weight Class Items
Some items have a weight class tied to them that determines which of your fighters can use them. A strategic player will build their UFC Ultimate Team fighters in a variety of weight classes to get the most out of their items.


Enter the Store from the UUT main menu. From here you can use Coins or UFC Points to open Fight Packs and get more items. There are different packs to choose from and each pack includes a set number of items, as well as the chance to unlock rare high-quality items.

Ways to Fight

Ultimate Championships
Start in Division 1 and begin the climb from a prospect to contender and contender to champion. Then, defend the belt as long as you can to move up the leaderboard. Win fights to move up spots along the Title Chase path, lose fights and you move back a spot. Move up three spots in Title Chase to become a Contender – as a Contender, you are now eligible for a Title Fight against another Contender or a Champion. Once Champion, defend your title in Title Fights for as long as possible to build up your longest title defense streak. Move up the Team Leaderboards by winning fights and titles across all your fighters in your team. Compare your score against other players and take your team to the top of the world standings.

Daily Objectives
When you enter UFC Ultimate Team, there will be five Daily Objectives to complete. Each objective varies in difficulty and will change every 24 hours. Tasks vary from simple ones like winning a fight at middleweight or more challenging ones like landing 100 strikes in a heavyweight bout. Completing Daily Objectives earns you Coins that can then be used to open Fight Packs from the Store.

Single Player Championships
Experience everything Ultimate Championships has to offer without facing online competition. Improve your skills here before jumping into the Octagon against other player-controlled fighters. Coin rewards in Single Player Championships will be slightly lower than in Ultimate Championships, and will not give any progress towards Daily Objectives.