The basketball mode for Rocket League will be arriving soon

Posted March 30th, 2016 at 8:45 am

Rocket League Basketball

Earlier this month Psyonix announced a basketball mode was in the works for Rocket League but didn’t offer any clarification for when it would release outside of “later this year.” Now the developer has revealed that the new mode called Dunk House will be free and available to all with the game on PS4/XB1/PC in April. Based on their past announcement-to-delivery time frames it could be just a week or two away now.

Rocket League basketball GIF

Rocket League was built off soccer fundamentals with cars taking the place of human players. However the phenomenal post-release support has included all sorts of different ways to play the game including a hockey variation that was included free back in December. The physics of the puck necessitated playing off the walls more than in the air and now with basketball the air-game will likely be made more crucial than ever.